The MLC team bring their business acumen and strategic insights to share ways to overcome obstacles and improve programs and efficiency of school operations.

If you are seeking a consultant or "thinking partner" in areas of school expansion, building design, professional development, accreditation, school operations or other creative Montessori Initiatives you will find collaborating with our team of consultants a good investment.  
The MLC team brings business acumen and strategic insights to improve school leadership, team cohesiveness, and strategic implementation.

Let us partner with you in the development of your:
  • Leadership Recruitment
  • Montessori School Design
  • Board Governance
  • School Operations
  • Technology Initiatives
  • Professional Development
  • Parent Education
  • Teacher Education
  • School Accreditation

Alone we can do so little,

Together we can do so much.

Hellen Keller

Marsha Stencel, CEO,  
is an expert in Montessori
school leadership and has
had a profound impact
in the improvement of
Montessori education 
opportunities, nationally
and internationally. 

Her leadership of the Princeton Montessori School and Princeton Center Teacher Education (PCTE) has made them into models for Montessori schools and teaching centers around the world.
Marsha is best known for her ability to mentor teachers and administrators and help them excel and fulfill their professional and personal potential. 

Marsha is often described as a visionary who enjoys collaboration with like minds. She is passionate to find ways to create sustainable quality Montessori schools for the youngest citizens of the world.